About Us CosmicBoxx offers, most dedicated sci-fi and fantasy fans, the best products and merchandise on Earth!!!! CosmicBoxx was founded by Bobby Davies, John Rubenstein, John Chen, Brian Rand, and Jason Miller, a bunch of real sci-fi and fantasy obsessed geeks, to make certain that fans have access to the very best in Star Wars®, Warhammer 40K®, Star Trek®, Game of Thrones®, Marvel®, DC®, Harry Potter® and Dragonball Z® gifts and merchandise. We travel the globe to attend every single sci-fi and fantasy convention there is, as well as working directly with movie studios and license holders to get exclusive products and ensure that CosmicBoxx is at the cutting edge of geek culture merchandise. Merchandise is sourced from all over the globe, as different products are exclusive to specific geographic markets. By curating the best merchandise available, we give collectors and dedicated fans, a chance to own some of the most exclusive items in Sci-Fi and fantasy. If you have any questions, why not get in contact with us? we have a global network of dedicated staff, who will be HAPPY to assist you. Email Us: info@CosmicBoxx.com
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